Newborn and Maternity Session Prices   
|Newborn Options|


Fresh 48: A fresh 48 session is shot in the hospital with more natural posing, it takes about an hour and mom, dad and siblings are welcome to join baby for this session type. These sessions are $225 plus tax.  Please follow this LINK for more information.

Maternity Sessions are $300 plus tax.  These are one hour sessions shot at sunset and the use of my gowns are included at no additional cost. I do allow a family shot as well as a few shots with dad if desired, but for the most part maternity sessions are primarily mommy. These sessions are shot between 33 and 36 pregnant.


Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your new bundle of joy.  So, you’ve done all the work.  You’ve read the books. You’ve gone out and bought all of those perfect little outfits, maybe a few toys.  You’ve got more blankets than you thought a person would ever need!  You’ve probably spent more time than you had anticipated putting together the perfect space for your new little one.   I’ve been there.  Three times in fact!  In due course, the clothes will be outgrown; some may even be worn only once.  Aside from maybe a select few, the toys will break or be passed on to another expecting parent.  Your blankets will end up headed to the thrift store, and it’s inevitable that one day you will look back and wonder where the time has gone.  You will try to remember how tiny your baby was when they first came home, the wrinkles on their perfect skin and that all too precious toothless smile.  I want to help you remember this time.  These pictures are timeless and become a piece of art in your home.  They become a family heirloom, showcased at graduations and weddings.  They are the treasures you run into your burning house to save.  And the tokens you tenderly touch in old age to remind you of a life lived fully.

I offer maternity sessions as well as newborn sessions and you are welcome to book a package deal, or one or the other. There is no discount offered for booking both sessions.  Newborns are best photographed in the first 14 days of life, so we will book the session based on your due date, and you’ll need to call as soon as baby comes to confirm your appointment.  After all, birth – although amazing – can be entirely unpredictable! 

 (Plan for 2/2.5 hours! Your baby is in charge after all!)

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your session to feed baby and make sure they are comfortable.  I will start this session with traditional shots, and as baby lets me, I will incorporate props that I have carefully selected for the safety and comfort of your baby.  This is a special time for you baby and it will be a unique experience.  If you would like to include siblings in your newborn gallery, please let me know and we will decide together the best way to make that work.  Feel free to bring along any special blankets or props or clothing that you would like to showcase.  I cannot guarantee we can include everything, but I can guarantee we will try.

I know how important it is to get your images right away.  Newborn images take editing priority because I know it’s important to announce baby’s arrival.  We will discuss the turnaround time in our session, but as a rule of thumb I try to have them available within 2-3 weeks.