Family Session

$300 up to 5 people ($20 each additional person) Price includes digitals NO EXTENDED FAMILIES

It’s amazing what time does.  365 days can change a baby into a toddler, a bride into a mother, a teenager into a man, and a little princess into a blossoming young lady.  Time has the power to change the soul, turn experiences into lessons learned, and age a memory.  Someday, you’ll look back and wonder where the time has gone.  You’ll question your decisions, take pride in your achievements and realize the true power of time and how no matter what, it was always the one thing that escaped you.

I want to help you remember these moments.  Your son’s freckles before they fade, you’re husband’s smirk when he cracks a joke, the twinkle in your daughter’s eyes.  The feel of your mother’s hands, the wrinkle in your father’s nose and those amazing unique qualities that make your family who they are. 

They say your kids are only young once, and that’s true.  But there are so many more first for them in life.  Their first Christmas concert, when they are the loudest kid in the front row, flashing that missing tooth smile, their first big game when their nerves overpower their ability to breathe and their first summer camp.  Soon, time passes and they take their first steps into high school, they get their driver’s license and you wonder why you were every nervous about their first steps. They have their first prom, their first kiss, and their first college application.  And before you know it, they are welcoming their first child into the world and starting the cycle over.

These are the moments.  Let me capture them for you.  I’m the person that would run into my burning house to save the pictures of my own children, because I never want to forget what that new baby skin looked like, and how my daughter scowls when I tell her to say cheese.  I know how important it is to capture more than the face, but the essence of your children, and I’m looking forward to discussing all of these details with you! 

Family sessions usually take an hour or longer depend on the size of the family and the combination of images you would like to have and the number of locations.  Editing takes 2-3 weeks, but if you need them sooner, we can work it out! Call me today to book your session.